Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Ray of Hope

It's one of those misty mornings, that wakes you with just the right touch of cold to make you want to snuggle in bed for another hour or so. I can feel the wildness in the air, the charged renewed energy from last nights thunder and lightning storm, and the early morning dew clinging to the blades of grass, as they glisten in the morning sunrise. It feels like the sun, rose with an invading sense of taking over where night extended her magical darkness, even just for a little while longer. But to no avail, the rays and warmth has woken the dawn, and now the day begins. Aloha, is the divine breath of the universe. It is the deep soothing breath that conquers all fears, hurts and pains, than lifts us up on wings of a mighty eagle to fly us to a place of who we really are. WE, are light, dancing in the moon beams, soaring in the sunshine, and diving deep within the oceans depths, and still we are untouchable, unchangeable, simply pure perfection, energy. That is what ALOHA is, aloha is who we are, we are light, we are perfection, we are the very LOVE we cling to and search for. Fear not when the sun goes down. Fear not the storms of life that rage in mighty torrents that threaten to tare you apart. Fear not, for the in the darkest of moments Aloha is your hope, it lives in you, it will carry you through to the shore that awaits your new birth, a dawn of blissful knowing, and awakening. Fear not, you are ALOHA. ~ Puakea

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hello Sunshine...

It's simple, it' doesn't take money, time or anything for that matter, it's just a choice. Before you open your eyes in the morning, SMILE to yourself, smile to the world, smile and know that that simple action, will set the pace to all the happens that day...Choice, it's powerful! Choose to enjoy the day, no matter what it brings, Life has a plan. You just have to trust that you're worth it, all of it. And just SMILE...the rest will magically take care of it's self. BELIEVE ♥ Sunflowers ~ are happy flowers, they bring smiles, hopes and laughter to any space they fill. pick some up on the way to the office, or on the way home, to a friends, and just hand write a little note just to say, "Hello sunshine..." You'll be surprise the magic that happens. ~ Puakea

Saturday, August 18, 2012

No Rush Here ~

Lady, I'm talking to you, yes you! The wonderful, powerful, beauty that you are. There's no reason to rush your perfection, it's already there, deep down inside of you. Just waiting for you to allow it to come out. No need to rush, no need to force, no need to worry. You're already there, just let yourself unfold in your own PERFECT time. Just breath, you're already beautiful. ~ Puakea

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Her Inner Musing Etsy Handmade Treasury

In the chambers of her heart, she hides her little secret desires. The little cavern only she knows exists. A place where memories, and longings come to life. A safe paradise, that no fears can consume her. Protected from judging eyes, or others hurtful words. She goes there, when she's alone, when she needs to run away. When she needs to feel safe, and happy. You know that place, you go there too. We all do. It's A place we SISTERS, meet. The homes of our HEART. Come sister meet me there. I'll be waiting. PK

Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Magic Wand

Every women has that very special something, that is originally hers. We may all have similarities, of that special something, but not really. You see, that special something, is called YOUR HEARTS MUSE, and trust me when I say, she's one of a kind.  YOU, know what I'm talking about. YOU feel her right here in the center of your chest, she lives there amongst all your fears, your joys, your laughter and your tears. That's what makes her so SPECIAL. That's what makes YOU so SPECIAL. The beautiful uniqueness, the one YOU keep fussing about, guess what, it's part of the MAGIC you wield. It's what YOU keep trying to change, avoid, run like hell from. But why not just realize it's about time to call a TRUCE and accept what YOU'VE been fighting all along is really the ANSWER to your PRAYERS. It's your AUTHENTIC YOU. Pick up YOUR MAGIC WAND, whatever that means for you and MAKE YOUR MAGIC HAPPEN. ~~~YOU'RE IT!

A Women Blooms in Her Own Perfect Time

"Nothing happens before it's time."Hey my friend, we've all heard this a million times, over and over, again. When times are tough, we wish they weren't, when life gives us lemons, we some times can't get the lemonade right, and when everyone expects us to be strong, well, that goes to say, they just can't see we had enough. 

But it's all ok. yep, that's right it's all ok. For you see, we women, although we may not think we're on track, we really are. There is a master plan, and it is going to all work out just fine, cause you know what my friend, I'm right here with you. And that's all that matters. Because the truth is, you are never alone and you are perfect, you are going to make it, and you are BLOOMING IN YOUR OWN TIME. 

Peace ~ PK

A Gardner's Prayer

It's amazing how life leads us down winding roads, around the bends, and up really tall hills. It's funny how many times along those paths and detours, we almost felt like giving it all up, and just throwing in the towel, and just stop on the side of that old dirt road, and just sit and cry our eyes out. Yep, I've been there, many times. And many times, there always was that very soft inner voice that whispered NO it's not time. Just one more step, you're almost home. Let's just say, it's never easy. The way seems so long and harsh at times. Questions always bombard, and even sabotage the inner knowing. But, even in the darkest moments, there was always that voice. The one that always knows the way back. And she whispers, every so gently, "Believing is like watching a garden grow. The Farmer tills the soil, plants the seeds, and says a little prayer. Knowing the rest is up to the DIVINE, and looks to the sky and stares into the unknown, knowing it will all be alright." That voice, the one you're hearing right now, that's real. The REAL YOU. And you do know what to do, and BELIEVING IS ALL IT TAKES, FOLLOW YOUR Heart's Muse...SHE'S YOUR SOUL PLANTING SEEDS TO MAKE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS REAL. Peace PK Mercado
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