Saturday, December 24, 2011

A Gardner's Prayer

It's amazing how life leads us down winding roads, around the bends, and up really tall hills. It's funny how many times along those paths and detours, we almost felt like giving it all up, and just throwing in the towel, and just stop on the side of that old dirt road, and just sit and cry our eyes out. Yep, I've been there, many times. And many times, there always was that very soft inner voice that whispered NO it's not time. Just one more step, you're almost home. Let's just say, it's never easy. The way seems so long and harsh at times. Questions always bombard, and even sabotage the inner knowing. But, even in the darkest moments, there was always that voice. The one that always knows the way back. And she whispers, every so gently, "Believing is like watching a garden grow. The Farmer tills the soil, plants the seeds, and says a little prayer. Knowing the rest is up to the DIVINE, and looks to the sky and stares into the unknown, knowing it will all be alright." That voice, the one you're hearing right now, that's real. The REAL YOU. And you do know what to do, and BELIEVING IS ALL IT TAKES, FOLLOW YOUR Heart's Muse...SHE'S YOUR SOUL PLANTING SEEDS TO MAKE YOUR WILDEST DREAMS REAL. Peace PK Mercado

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