Saturday, December 24, 2011

My Magic Wand

Every women has that very special something, that is originally hers. We may all have similarities, of that special something, but not really. You see, that special something, is called YOUR HEARTS MUSE, and trust me when I say, she's one of a kind.  YOU, know what I'm talking about. YOU feel her right here in the center of your chest, she lives there amongst all your fears, your joys, your laughter and your tears. That's what makes her so SPECIAL. That's what makes YOU so SPECIAL. The beautiful uniqueness, the one YOU keep fussing about, guess what, it's part of the MAGIC you wield. It's what YOU keep trying to change, avoid, run like hell from. But why not just realize it's about time to call a TRUCE and accept what YOU'VE been fighting all along is really the ANSWER to your PRAYERS. It's your AUTHENTIC YOU. Pick up YOUR MAGIC WAND, whatever that means for you and MAKE YOUR MAGIC HAPPEN. ~~~YOU'RE IT!

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