Sunday, January 12, 2014

A Ray of Hope

It's one of those misty mornings, that wakes you with just the right touch of cold to make you want to snuggle in bed for another hour or so. I can feel the wildness in the air, the charged renewed energy from last nights thunder and lightning storm, and the early morning dew clinging to the blades of grass, as they glisten in the morning sunrise. It feels like the sun, rose with an invading sense of taking over where night extended her magical darkness, even just for a little while longer. But to no avail, the rays and warmth has woken the dawn, and now the day begins. Aloha, is the divine breath of the universe. It is the deep soothing breath that conquers all fears, hurts and pains, than lifts us up on wings of a mighty eagle to fly us to a place of who we really are. WE, are light, dancing in the moon beams, soaring in the sunshine, and diving deep within the oceans depths, and still we are untouchable, unchangeable, simply pure perfection, energy. That is what ALOHA is, aloha is who we are, we are light, we are perfection, we are the very LOVE we cling to and search for. Fear not when the sun goes down. Fear not the storms of life that rage in mighty torrents that threaten to tare you apart. Fear not, for the in the darkest of moments Aloha is your hope, it lives in you, it will carry you through to the shore that awaits your new birth, a dawn of blissful knowing, and awakening. Fear not, you are ALOHA. ~ Puakea

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