Meet The Muse ~

A wild gypsy soul, moonlighting as a free spirited freelance artist, metal jewelry designer, sometimes arts & crafts instructor, modern business woman, with Old World dreaminess and tastes, believer of dreams and magyk, with outlandish bursts of irrational behavior due to a personal addiction to all things glittery, colorful, and rustic. Ooh, and lets not forget, moved by the wisdom that LIFE is meant to be LIVED, not planned, organized, and put in a cubbyhole. "Life is not a dress rehearsal, it's the MAIN EVENT."

And just so you know, I've had my share of paying the dues, raised my children, married twice, learned lots of lessons, and found my TRUE LOVE, CLOSE FRIEND, PARTNER IN CRIME, lol...and in this moment I'm LIVING my BEST LIFE ~~~~ Listening to MY HEART'S MUSE. 

Finding my voice, in the mist of it all hasn't been easy ~ but knowing she's always been there, is all that matters. {She's my bitch, my warrior queen, and my very best friend.}

Humbled, Loved, Contented,


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