Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Our Inperfections, That Makes Us Perfect

We only see the chips, the cracks, the tarnished lose strands of silver hair. The old grown out roots, that we keep telling ourselves we'll get to when the money comes in. We keep telling ourselves it will be ok, I'll loose those last few pounds, and then it will all be perfect.
Yep, we keep telling ourselves these things. But you know what. Really, do we really know deep down inside, these are the amazing qualities that make us beautiful. It's the very things that make us endearing, special, and most of all who we are. Not even the greatest master artist could create such a master piece that is YOU. NOPE...not one...WHAT YOU THINK ARE YOUR IMPERFECTIONS, ARE THE VERY QUALITIES THAT MAKE YOU PERFECT. Accept, Allow, Fall In LOVE with YOU! 

My Heart's Muse ~ she's the wise woman who knows all.

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